Theater Program

From our theater to the world stage

The theater program is a strong liberal arts training program designed to provide students with a foundation in the areas of performances, design and technology, and history and literature. In addition, students are required to choose an emphasis in performance, design and technology, or production management to study at an advanced level. Throughout a student's years in the program, there are ample opportunities to apply both academic knowledge and acquired skills to a variety of live production experiences. A senior project in a student's particular area of emphasis serves as a capstone to culminate four years of study. All of this theoretical and hands-on learning takes place in a personal, supportive, collegial environment. We pride ourselves on personal mentorship of each theater student. As a theater major or minor, you ill find tremendous opportunities both on-and-off stage to fulfill your artistic goals and cultivate a lifelong connection to theater.

Theater Related Careers

  • Set/Costume/Makeup Designer
  • Lighting/Sound Designer
  • Actor
  • Artist
  • Production Assistant
  • Artistic Director
  • Stage Manager
  • Teacher
  • Lawyer
  • Creative Director
  • Casting Agent
  • Production Designer
  • Video/Film Production
  • Trainer/Developer
  • Customer Service
  • Salesperson
  • Human Resources
  • Commentator
  • Political Campaigner
  • Public Service
  • Case Manager
  • Media Consultant
  • Entertainer
  • PR Consultant
  • Supervisor
  • Arts Administrator
  • Display Designer
  • Business Owner
  • School Administrator
  • Web Page Designer
  • Insurance Agent
  • Advertising
  • Curator