Dance | University of Portland


The performing and fine arts department offers multiple levels of both jazz dance and ballet that are open to students regardless of major or previous experience!

All dance classes meet twice a week, for 2 credits. Classes at the 300 and 400 levels are acceptable as upper-division electives. 

Course Descriptions

Jazz and Modern

DNC 214 Jazz Dance

A jazz dance technique class. Emphasis in learning proper body alignment and the value of body conditioning. Class includes warm-up and jazz combinations of movement.

DNC 315 Jazz & Modern Dance

Dance technique class. Emphasis on jazz and modern dance. Class includes warm-up, strengthening and stretching exercises, and combinations of movement and fundamental steps to music.

DNC 316 Jazz Dance II 

An exploration of various dance styles.


DNC 216 Ballet I 

Beginning instruction in classical ballet includes barre and center exercises designed to develop coordination, balance, and strength for dance and fitness.

DNC 317 Ballet II 

Continuation of Ballet I.

DNC 418 Ballet III 

This class is designed for the student who has had some previous ballet training/experience. Work at the barre as well as center floor will be included. Level III builds upon what was covered in Level I and Level II and is geared for the student with intermediate ballet skills.