Music Scholarships and Auditions

Entrance to the Music Program:

To help ensure the long-term success of music students, auditions are required for entrance into the program.  The auditions take place on campus on set audition dates, or via recording.  The same audition can serve for both admission to the program and scholarship consideration (see below).  This audition usually takes place before a student begins study. If a student has not auditioned before the first semester, the student is deemed a provisional major until the end of that semester, when performance final exams with the faculty serve as the audition.  Please note that acceptance into the music program is contingent upon a student being accepted into the University as a whole by the Admissions Office. 


The University offers music scholarships for tuition and private lessons that are in addition to the University’s financial aid offer. These scholarships are awarded by audition, either in person or via recording.  Awards for music majors range from $2500 - $8000 depending on the quality of the audition.  Awards for music minors are $1300.  Scholarships are automatically renewable for four years assuming continued musical and academic progress. There are also performance grants of $800 per year, awarded by annual audition, for talented students who will make a significant contribution to a UP ensemble, but who are not majors or minors.  In addition to scholarships and grants, there are work-study jobs in the department that pay up to $1,500 per year.


Since live auditions are not possible this year, virtual auditions will consist of two parts:

1. Students should prepare 7-10 minutes of music, including at least two contrasting pieces that demonstrate technique, tone quality, and musicianship. At least one piece should be classical. Use piano accompaniment for voices and solo instruments if possible. Auditions should be submitted via high quality audio or video recording.  Links to online performance videos are encouraged. 

All recordings must be received by Monday, March 1, 2021.

2. Students will have a 10-minute Q&A with Music faculty during the week of March 1, 2021 via Zoom. Arrangements will be made when recordings are submitted.

All students must complete the UP scholarship application and include it with their submitted recording

UP Music Scholarship Application

Contact Dr. Patrick Murphy with any questions you may have, and please send all recordings to his attention.

Students will be informed of music scholarship award offers beginning in late March.