Buckley Center Art Gallery | University of Portland

Buckley Center Art Gallery

Located on the first floor of Buckley Center, the Buckley Center Gallery hosts exhibitions by artists from all over the country in addition to showcasing student work. 

Pictured: Dr. Patrick Murphy and Fr. Mark Ghyselinck in the BC Art Gallery. (2024)

Gallery Hours
8:30 am - 6:00 pm Monday-Friday
8:30 am - 4:00 pm Saturday-Sunday

All exhibits are free, with no tickets required.

Spring 2024 Shows

Contrasts, January 13 - February 9, 2024


Featuring Isabelle Soule and Anne Santiago

Anne and Isabelle bonded over their shared backgrounds working in Rwanda, Anne in conflict management and Isabelle in community health. Both Pottery and Weaving are important art forms as well as essential for practical existence across the African continent. A shared appreciation for the people and the art of East Africa led to their desire to share their own art in the BC gallery.


Connection, February 19 - March 7, 2023

Featuring Bob Hackney, Pam Dierickx, Jacquie Van Hoomissen, and Nate Van Mol 

This show features ceramic art, courtesy of Bob Hackney, Pam Dierickx, and Jacquie Van Hoomissen, and photography from Nate Van Mol. Jacquie and Nate are both members of the CAS Dean's Office.

Quietus Echo

Quietus Echo, March 9 - April 3, 2023

Featuring Marne Lucas

Reception: Saturday, March 9, 1-4PM

My creativity is in celebration of life while posing questions about mortality, a professional life as an artist and end of life Doula provide insight. As a Doula my role is to advocate for the emotional and spiritual needs of the dying to help them gain a sense of peace. My experience of -being at the veil- is to bear witness to the most moving and sublime physical, emotional and spiritual transformation. I have experienced the transformation of life leaving the material vessel, into a new form of energy, Love. Difficult to express in language, this shift is better captured through artistic medium, and is the essence of what is depicted in ‘Quietus.’ I am inspired by nature, surrealism, and personal experiences with death. In my experimental black & white infrared thermal (IRT) video I reveal the invisible, mysterious, energy of human life, and express ideas about mortality, the spirit world and transformation. Shot with heat-sensitive imaging technology used for military surveillance, IRT depicts subtle actual heat signatures unseen by the human eye; hot areas appear white and cold or wet areas are black. The human body appears luminous, and conceptually I interpret the body as part of the spirit world. I use this medium to convey ideas about our origin as part of the universe, that we are made of stars. The black & white video stills are embellished with pen, ink and watercolor in a limited palette of black, white, gray. Delicate metal leaf in 24 Karat gold, genuine silver, and copper allude to ancient and contemporary uses of precious metals in spiritual work, energy healing, and ritual.