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Instrumental Juries

Instrumental Juries will be performed via video recording this term (Spring 2021).  Please reach out to your private lessons instructors regarding the requirements for your jury. The recordings need to be uploaded to Teams by Monday, May 3 at 5:00pm PST. Please upload your recorded jury to Microsoft Teams using the link belowIn addition, you will need to complete the information form.

You will see the Juries channel on the left side of the main Teams site.  If you cannot see it,  email Susan McDaniel at mcdaniel@up.edu.  The upload procedure is the same as last fall.  All studio teachers will have access to the student's files.
Teams Upload Link

Voice Juries 

Vocal Juries will be done live via Zoom this semester (Spring 2021). You will need to be able to both play your accompaniment recording and sing live via Zoom.  The juries will be held on Tuesday, May 4 in the evening and Wednesday, May 5 during the day. Please speak to your private lessons instructor about what you are required to perform for your jury.

Music Majors and Minors should sign up for 10 minutes (2 consecutive slots) All else sign up for 5 minutes (1 slot).  Please schedule your jury by no later than Monday, May 3 at the signup link below. Additionally, please complete the information form no later than Monday, May 3rd.