Current Season: 2024-2025 | University of Portland

Current Season: 2024-2025

New Works, New Voices: You Can See All The Stars
Written by E.M. Lewis

Mago Hunt Theater | Tickets Required

Wednesday-Saturday, October 2-5 | 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, October 6 | 2:00 p.m. 

Something terrible happened to Ana at a college party, but she can't remember what. In an unfortunately common tale, she must search for answers, wade through the muck of bureaucracy, and try to figure out her enemies from her allies on campus. But finding the truth and proving it has consequences for everyone around her. Who's willing to pay the price? This story from local playwright E.M. Lewis asks the audience to witness the humans behind these all too familiar events.

Content Warning: 

  • Strong Language
  • Mild Adult Themes
  • Discussions of Sexual Assault

Sanctuary City
Written by Martyna Majok

Blair Studio Theater | No Tickets Required

Thursday-Saturday, October 24-26 | 7:30 p.m. 

“In post-9/11 Newark, NJ, two teenagers who were brought to America as children become one another’s sanctuaries from harsh circumstances. When G becomes naturalized, she and B hatch a plan to marry so that he may legally remain in the country and pursue the future he imagines for his life. But as time hurtles on and complications mount, the young friends find that this act challenges and fractures the closest relationship either has ever had.” - Theatrical Rights Worldwide. Directed by Ricardo Guevara in partial fulfillment of the Senior Capstone for the BA in Theater.


Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind (30 Plays in 60 Minutes)
Written by Greg Allen

Mago Hunt Theater | Tickets Required

Wednesday-Saturday, November 13-16 | 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, November 17 | 2:00 p.m. 
Wednesday-Saturday, November 20-23 | 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, November 24 | 2:00 p.m. 

Taking audience participation to a whole new level, Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind (30 plays in 60 minutes) by Greg Allen invites the audience to dictate the order in which scenes are performed, crafting one-of-a-kind experiences each performance. An excerpt from the ongoing devised show put on by the Neo-futurist Ensemble in Chicago, Too Much Light invites both the ensemble and the audience to let loose and embrace the chaos. Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, INC (

The Effect
Written by Lucy Prebble

Mago Hunt Theater | Tickets Required

Wednesday-Saturday, February 19-22 | 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, February 23 | 2:00 p.m.

“Hearts racing. Minds reeling. Knees buckling. Connie and Tristan have palpable chemistry—or is it a side effect of a new antidepressant? They are volunteers in a clinical trial, but their sudden and illicit romance forces the supervising doctors to face off over the ethical consequences of their work. THE EFFECT takes on our pill-popping culture with humor and scintillating drama.” - Dramatists Play Service.

Pride & Prejudice
A Devised Adaptation

Mago Hunt Theater | Tickets Required

Wednesday-Saturday, April 9-12 | 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, April 12 | 2:00 p.m.

This reimagined production of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is a collaborative, devised project in which we frame the text through contemporary fandom and the desires of the minoritarian reader. 

The longing looks between lovers from across ballrooms and the way they must touch one another with their eyes since to go any further would be forbidden resonate with the queer reader. Queer desire lingers in these glances, in the seconds before hands touch in a dance, and the centimeters of space between two palms. This production explores these charged scenes as moments of queer potentiality, claiming the novel as ours to read, love, and embody!