Music at Midweek

Fall 2017 Schedule

All concerts are free and open to the public and take place on Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30 in the Mago Hunt Recital Hall.

September 6

Lisa Chisholm: The Physiology of Fight/Flight

Lisa Chilsholm is Juilliard trained bassoonist and professional orchestral musician who is also certified in Psychology and counseling teaches, “preparation techniques and mental skills to artists so they can bring their best selves to the stage.”

September 18

Duo - Barbara Heilmair, Clarinet and Marc Bescond, Double Bass

Portland State Clarinet faculty, Barbara Heilmair and Marc Bescond of the Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra perform as a Clarinet and Double Bass Duo.

September 20


Portland State Professor Emerita, Mary Kogen comes to teach an approach to learning through rhythm and movement. “TaKeTiNa clears and frees the mind to focus. It is a meditative process that integrates mind and body, super-charging our abilities for learning, thinking and creativity.”

September 27

Digitus Duo

Piano duo Momoko Maramatsu and Maria Garcia come to perform, “Twenty finger symphonic sounds of electic repertoire,”

October 11

Nico DeVilliers: Music of Richard Hageman

South African born, London based pianist, and co-author of Making the Tailcoats Fit: The Life and work of Richard Hageman, will perform a lecture recital featuring the music of Dutch-American composer, Richard Hageman following several days of work with UP students on the song repertoire of the composer.

October 25

Susannah Mars: Cabaret

Singer, actress and voice-over artist, Susannah Mars comes to perform a solo cabaret style recital.  This Broadway artist has been featured locally in performances with The Oregon Symphony, Portland Opera and Artist’s Repertory Theater to name but a few.

November 1

Chameleon Winds play Poulenc with Susan McDaniel

Flutist Abby Mages, oboist Alan Juza, clarinetist Sean Kelleher, bassoonist Nicole Buetti and French horn player Daniel Partridge join UP faculty pianist, Susan McDaniel in a performance of music by Francis Poulenc.


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