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Prospective Students


Prospective students are encouraged to visit and tour our campus and our theatre facilities and meet with faculty and sit in on classes. Appointments are encouraged throughout the year.  

The faculty also hopes you can arrange to see a production as this is a great way to see how we work and our level of commitment to production in an academic setting. Complimentary tickets to our productions will be provided for your family.

If a student is interested we can also arrange an overnight stay with a theater student and opportunity to attend classes and a rehearsal.

Please contact theater program director Gregory Pulver to arrange a visit.

The faculty also encourage prospective students to email our student ambassadors to ask questions and learn about our curriculum or production program:


In an effort to help you learn more about studying music at the University of Portland, we have put together a list of students and alumni who would be happy to communicate with you about our program. Students can give you inside information about courses, performance opportunities, and advanced training, as well as express their impressions of the University as a whole. The list includes a variety of students, with different backgrounds and aspirations. Contact any of them who might help you make your decision as to whether the University of Portland is a good fit for you.

Please take a moment to fill out the Music Info Request form to get more information about any of our programs. Once we receive your information, we will send you information regarding our entire program so you can make decisions that fit your situation.

Music Info Request