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Theater Scholarships & Grants

The theater program offers merit and talent scholarships to majors and minors in addition to the University of Portland's regular financial aid. These scholarships are awarded by audition and/or interview, best done in person, but can be arranged by phone and video. Awards range from $2500 to $4000 per year. Scholarships are renewable for four years assuming continued academic progress and commitment to the program.

Acting students should prepare two 1-minute contrasting monologues (e.g. comic/serious, classical/modern, poetry/prose). A musical selection may be included as well. Tech/design students should be prepared to present a portfolio of their projects and designs from classwork or productions and to interview with the theater program director.

Students in Design, Technology, Dramaturgy, History, or Playwriting should schedule an interview with the Professor in their area. 

In addition to scholarship assistance, the drama program has an active work study program that allows students to work in the scene shop, costume shop, and marketing while receiving financial assistance. Interested students may apply for these jobs after arriving on campus. We encourage everyone to apply for these shop positions!

Contact the following faculty for more information or to schedule an audition or interview:

Professor Mindi Logan (Acting)

Professor Gregory Pulver (Design/Technology)
Director of Theatre

Dr. Lezlie C. Cross (Dramaturgy/History/Playwriting)