Buckley Center Gallery

Located on the first floor of Buckley Center, the Buckley Center Gallery hosts exhibitions by artists from all over the country in addition to showcasing student work. 
All exhibits are free, with no tickets required.

Somewhere only we know - Photography by Sarah Graves
Photographer Sarah Graves’ exhibition, Somewhere only we know, is inspired by distant places close to our heart, and features images of places of importance both far and near that were not able to be visited for a time - bittersweet places of both comfort and longing, out of the reach of time, both untouched and untouchable. 

August 16-September 16

Papercut designs by Annelie Thurin

Artist and designer Annelie Thurin’s paper-cut designs, inspired by the Swedish folk art of her native country, have endless potential for transformation into elaborate concepts, from floral arrangements, landscapes, and skylines to religious symbols, animals, and anywhere her vivid imagination can take her.
September 20-October 14

Eco-printed paintings by Lisa Brinkman

Visual artist Lisa Brinkman’s latest eco-printed paintings are a collaboration of life with nature, meant to inspire a remembering of our relationship with Gaia—humanity, the plant and animal world, all nested together, within the cosmos.  In times of fear and uncertainty, the beauty of the earth is a salve for the soul.
October 18-November 11