Bel Canto

The Bel Canto ensemble is open to any treble singer at the University of Portland regardless of major. The group also welcomes community singers from high school and beyond. Each singer is asked to sing a placement audition to determine her preferred choral voice section.

The repertoire of our group is as varied as its membership. We sing in a wide mix of choral styles that range from the Renaissance and into the 21st century. We present accompanied literature and also welcome opportunities to sing "a cappella." We rehearse Mondays and Wednesday evenings in the Mago Hunt Recital Hall.

The Bel Canto ensemble performs between 6-10 annual gigs throughout the academic year including our participation at Northeast Portland's "Festival of Lights" at the Grotto.

Sample sound files:

Francesca Caccini - "Aure Volanti" (recorded April 22, 2012)
Ysaye Barnwell - "Wanting Memories" (recorded February 19, 2012)
Kevin Siegfried - "Lay Me Low" (recorded April 22, 2012)
David Brunner - "Yo le Canto" (recorded April 22, 2012)

Director - Kathryn Briggs