Rules of Entry


Entries will be limited to the first 14 junior high/middle school choirs from which we receive applications with fee enclosed. The immediate past winners of first place trophies will be eligible to enter without fee. Middle schools and junior high schools are required to bring their largest concert choir to the Festival.

Performance Time

Each junior/middle school choir will be allotted 25 minutes (15 minute minimum performance). The allotted time will include entry to and exit from the performance area. Choirs may be penalized for exceeding this time limit!


Each choir will sing a program entirely of the director's choosing. A variety of styles and textures is encouraged. No style or type of music is expressly encouraged or discouraged, but we encourage the use of bona fide concert material. The repertoire will be judged on its variety and suitability to the choir. No instruments or sound equipment are provided except a grand piano and one solo microphone.

Ratings and Prizes

The judges will use the Oregon School Activities Association adjudication system for evaluating quality of sound, technique and musicality. The choir with the highest composite point total will win the trophy and title of "Best in the Northwest." Scores will be posted only after results are announced. The winning choirs will be awarded a plaque to be retained by the choir and a trophy that must be returned prior to the next festival. No photocopied music will be allowed - either held by performers or provided for the adjudicators. Any adjudicator may prohibit the performance of photocopied music and/or may penalize any choir guilty of using it.

Performance Recordings
Each choir will receive a professionally recorded CD of their performance at no additional charge.

Entry Fee
No application will be accepted without an accompanying check in the amount of $225.00 payable to "University of Portland Choir Festival." The previous year's winning choir will be entered without fee but application must be made in the usual manner.

Direct applications and fees to: 
University of Portland, Shelby Covington - PFA Department, 5000 N. Willamette Blvd., Portland, OR 97203-5798. Phone: (503) 943-7228, Fax: (503) 943-7805, Email:

Additional Information

Warm-up Room
Located in Buckley Center room 103. It is tiered and equipped with an upright piano. Each choir will have use of this room only for the time slot immediately preceding its performance. Neither clothes nor valuables can be left in this room. A festival worker will notify the choir director and lead the choir to the stage entrance for its performance.

Coat Room
Located in Buckley Center Room 106. You should not leave valuables in this room unless you provide your own security. Choirs may use this room for a morning OR afternoon period.

Food: On campus, the Bauccio Commons, will be open during the festival.  

Crowd Control
To reduce confusion and noise, NO ONE will be admitted to the auditorium or its lobby until the choir on stage has finished its program. Students must be adequately chaperoned.