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Department of Performing & Fine Arts

The Department of Performing & Fine Arts (PFA) at the University of Portland is a collective of artist-teachers who are committed to helping you succeed. Our nationally accredited music and theater programs combine rigorous training and academics with performance opportunities on our campus and within the vibrant arts community of Portland. In addition to receiving a comprehensive liberal arts education, you will be mentored by award-winning faculty dedicated to helping you build the skills and confidence to follow your own artistic path. Their commitment, collaboration, and creativity will inspire you to accomplish more than you ever thought possible and will foster lasting relationships that will extend beyond the University. Our location, only minutes from downtown Portland, promises easy exposure to outstanding performance and internship opportunities with Portland's many arts organizations. Fulfill your artistic and career aspirations by immersing yourself in the PFA Department at the University of Portland.

Learn. Create. Perform.

Megan Murphy, a white woman with brunette hair. She is wearing a UP-branded nursing uniform and smiling.

Megan Murphy - Class of 2020
BS in Nursing

""I liked that I was able to take a few hours each week to switch gears from science and nursing classes and enjoy making music with my friends.""

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Sona Uradnik, a white woman with brunette hair smiling to camera.

Sona Uradnik - Class of 2020
BA in Music, German Minor

""I chose UP because I wanted a small school that emphasized community, and I think I found that during my time there.""

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Olivia Carbajal, a Latina women with brunette hair, smiling at the camera. She is dressed in graduation cap and gown.

Olivia Carbajal - Class of 2020
BA in Music

""You’ll be surprised at how everyone, students and faculty both, rally behind you to make that perhaps far-fetched aspiration a reality.""

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Natalie Werner, a white woman with long blonde hair smiling at a camera.

Natalie Werner - Class of 2019
BA in Music

""This kind of hands-on exposure to conducting during my undergraduate degree was an incredible opportunity that, I later learned, is typically unheard of at the undergraduate level.""

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Rebby Yuer Foster, a Chinese-American person with brunette hair, tattoos, and piercings. The photo of them is in black and white.

Rebby Yuer Foster - Class of 2018
B.A. in Theatre and English

"UP Theatre and English Alum, Current Associate Artistic Director for Shaking the Tree Theatre in Portland, OR."

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