Amelia Ahern-Rindell

Amelia Ahern-Rindell Associate Professor of Biology

"My research focuses on a GM1 Gangliosidosis Variant in a Sheep Model and Y-Chromosome STR Analysis using Ancient DNA."

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Laurie Dizney

Laurie Dizney Assistant Professor of Biology

"My research examines trophic levels to identify ecological factors associated with successful riparian habitat restoration."

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Laura Dyer

Laura Dyer Assistant Professor of Biology

"I am interested in how the coronary arteries remodel once they connect to the aorta, and how innervation of the heart is impacted by fetal alcohol exposure."

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Terry Favero

Terry Favero Professor of Biology

"I research sport science and the physiology of exercise. "

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Ryan Kenton

Ryan Kenton Assistant Professor of Biology

"My research involves the systems that both power iron uptake and expel antibiotics in the bacterial human pathogen Vibrio vulnificus. "

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Susan Murray

Susan Murray Associate Professor of Biology

"My research focuses on cellular signals regarding human T cell activation."

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Tara Prestholdt

Tara Prestholdt Associate Professor of Biology

"I am interested in marine and terrestrial invertebrates and my research spans many aspects of ecology, ethology, and evolution."

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Katie O’Reilly

Katie O’Reilly Professor of Biology

"My projects include breeding behavior of Purple Martins, effects of temperature on Tree Swallows' reproductive success, and Corticosterone levels in feathers of Spotted Owls that are in competition with Barn Owls."

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David Taylor

David Taylor Associate Professor of Biology

"My research projects explore plant reproductive biology, or ethnobotany of the Portland Vietnamese community."

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Jacquie Van Hoomissen

Jacquie Van Hoomissen Professor of Biology

"I research physical activity and public health, with an interest in educational outreach and research in human biology courses, focusing on culturally-sensitive teaching, inclusive pedagogy, and active learning."

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Christine Weilhoefer

Christine Weilhoefer Associate Professor of Biology

"My research focuses on the effects of climate change on coastal ecosystem function."

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David Wynne

David Wynne Assistant Professor of Biology

"My research focuses on understanding how chromosomes end up in the right place when cells divide."

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Kyle Flann

Kyle Flann Lecturer, Biology

"I involve students in research which focuses both in exercise physiology as well as biology education"

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John White

John White Lecturer, Biology

"I commonly pose thought questions during lectures, allowing for student-to-student discussion, and requiring constant student feedback."

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Paula Tower

Paula Tower Lecturer, Biology

"My students use a variety of active learning tools, from drawing concept maps and Venn diagrams, acting out a cellular process or handling pipe cleaner models, to answering questions in class or explaining a concept to a classmate."

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Christie Cesar

Christie Cesar Lecturer, Biology

"Students in my class can be found drawing structures, acting out processes, sequencing pathways, discussing application to clinical scenarios, and answering questions via classroom response software."

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Priya Mani

Priya Mani Lecturer, Biology

"My favorite strategy is brainstorming with the help of thought provoking open-ended questions, directed towards students working in pairs/groups. "

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Amy Beadles-Bohling

Amy Beadles-Bohling Lecturer, Biology

"Collaborative group exams allow students to practice important skills needed for their future professions and to enhance their understanding and retention of concepts."

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Adrienne Greaves

Adrienne Greaves Lecturer, Biology

"In my lab course, students work hands-on molecular modeling, allowing them to really see the three-dimensional nature of molecules, and to practice looking at simplified representations of a molecule on paper, then translating it to the full structure, and finally building it with a molecular model kit. "

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