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Student Organizations

We have a number of clubs and organizations related to language and culture study that are open to student (and faculty!) participation. Please contact the department chair or the following faculty for more information. You can find information about upcoming events on Engage. These are a great way to connect with a community of language learners outside of classroom!

German Culture Club

  • Student-led culture club that organizes events that inform about and celebrate German language and culture.
  • Instagram
  • Faculty Contact: Dr. Allie Hill


  • Weekly German table, open to students at all levels of German.
  • Faculty Contact: Dr. Allie Hill

Delta Phi Alpha

  • German National Honor Society; students are initiated by invitation only.
  • Faculty Contact: Dr. Allie Hill

La Mesa Redonda

Sigma Delta Pi

French Club

  • Student-led club organizing events that offer the opportunity to learn more about the French language and culture.
  • Faculty Contact: Madame Trudie Booth

Chinese Language and Culture Club

  • Student-led club hosts festivals and cultural events. It also hosts study sessions on campus.
  • Instagram
  • Club Advisor: Edward Yuen