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Latin American Studies Track

Students by outdoor mural in NicaraguaIf you are particularly interested in Latin American cultures and peoples, you can now pursue a Spanish major with a focus on the region. The Latin American Studies track is aimed to help you develop your understanding of the complexity of Latin American cultures in relation to their history, values, politics, communication styles, economy, beliefs and practices. Following this interdisciplinary track, you will be able to explore Latin American issues from a variety of perspectives by taking courses focused on the region both inside the Spanish program as well as in other disciplines. In addition, you will study abroad in a Latin American country.  Demonstrating cultural competency in relation to Latin American countries through your college transcript will be beneficial for you when seeking employment or other post-graduate opportunities related to the region. To find out more, see courses offered in the Bulletin or contact Dr. Maria Echenique at

A short guide to the Latin American Studies track:

Take the prerequisite: HST 254 or HST 256, as part of the core curriculum requirements.

Of the 27 credits (9 courses) you need to complete the Spanish Major, you will take:

  • Twelve credits correspond to required courses (301, 302, Peninsular Lit. (SPN 330, 331, 340, or 440), and Latin American Lit. (SPN 450 or 451).

  • Nine credits (3 courses) have to be elective Spanish 3xx or 4xx courses  focused on Latin America.

  • Six credits (2 courses) have to be courses with content on Latin America from other disciplines (in addition to the prerequisite), chosen from the following list: 

    • CST 431 Intercultural Communication and Identity
    • HST 357 Environmental History of the Americas and the World
    • HST 354 History of Modern Cuba
    • HST 355 History of Mexico
    • HST 356 Latin American History Through Popular Culture
    • HST 450 Seminar in Non-Western History
    • PHL 336 Metaphysics: Native American Philosophy
    • POL 455 Foreign Policies of Latin America
    • SW 343 Human Behavior in the Social Environment

Plan your study abroad experience in Latin America. We have in collaboration with Studies Abroad a summer program in Quito, Ecuador. You will complete two of your Spanish courses in this study abroad program.

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