CAS Alumni

Mark Mohammadpour

Mark Mohammadpour Organizational Communication, Journalism minor

"The writing, research, and critical thinking skills I learned through my CAS education gave me the confidence to start my career off on the right foot, and the connections I made during my time there have been instrumental to growing as a professional. I owe everything to my time at The University of Portland!"

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Katie Doyle

Katie Doyle Secondary Education and English, French Studies minor

"Once, a friend told me the admissions department at his graduate school knew UP students well for their excellent writing; this does not surprise me! Each novel, discussion, and research project sharpened my reading and writing skills, and also connected to examination of life, including issues of equality, social justice, and personal development."

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Lauren Arkoosh

Lauren Arkoosh Biology, Chemistry and Theater minors

"Lauren says that one of the most important things provided by the College of Arts and Sciences, and specifically her theater minor, is the ability to trustfully present her work to large and diverse audiences, and to confidently defend it. She highly recommends all perspective scientists to take some theater classes to gain more self-assurance. "

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Rebekah Padua

Rebekah Padua Math and Theology double major, Economics minor

"Little did I know that I was cultivating amazing and quite desirable skills- problem solving, ethical and analytical thinking, maintaining awareness of current events, and the most difficult- time management. As a CAS graduate in tech, I can confidently assure future grads that your major does not define and should not confine you to future job prospects."

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Catherine Seeboth

Catherine Seeboth Philosophy

"While most would not consider Philosophy as a major, the writing and logic skills that it provides are fundamental to my success in my career and the opportunities I’ve had since graduating from UP."

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Lydia Heye

Lydia Heye - Class of 2019
Political Science

"I knew that the University of Portland would be a place where I could grow academically, personally, and spiritually."

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Alex Quackenbush Bartlett

Alex Quackenbush Bartlett - Class of 2015
Mathematics and Biology

"If you are interested in learning and growing, the UP faculty are here to support you."

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Walter Thompson-Hernández

Walter Thompson-Hernández - Class of 2009
Political Science

"The size of campus really fostered an intimate feeling of community."

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Kai Seely

Kai Seely - Class of 2017
Biology, Chemistry & Neuroscience minors

"My time at UP really prepared me for the transition to medical school."

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Katie Hughes

Katie Hughes - Class of 2002
Social Work

"When I started Girls Build in 2016, I did it because there was a need and a request, and I found myself, a decade and a half out of college, uniquely positioned in this world as the perfect person to run a nonprofit that teaches girls to build."

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Claire Clelland

Claire Clelland - Class of 2005
Biology and Philosophy

"My liberal arts education was essential."

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Megan Lester

Megan Lester - Class of 2015
English and German Studies

"UP set the stage for my career."

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Photo of Dylan Evangelista-Encarnacion

Dylan Evangelista-Encarnacion - Class of 2016
Communication Studies

"Don’t just find a job. Find a brand than aligns with your values or shares your interests."

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Samantha Johnson

Samantha Johnson - Class of 2015

"It’s important to remember that everyone is on their own career path and yours might look totally different from someone else’s - and that’s okay!"

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Photo of Briana Rossi

Briana Rossi - Class of 2015

"You need to ask for the things that you want in your career."

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Photo of Marissa Viramontes

Marissa Viramontes - Class of 2015

"I learned that evaluating shifting priorities and taking a deep look into the why behind your goals is what’s most important."

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Lupita Ruiz-Tolento

Lupita Ruiz-Tolento - Class of 2013
Psychology, French, and Spanish

"I changed the way I conceived of my undergraduate career: not strictly as my majors, but as an integration of academic, professional, and life experiences."

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Elizabeth McKee

Elizabeth McKee - Class of 2007
Social Work

"When you are job searching or negotiating, it’s important to put your own needs and desires first."

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Kathryn Hickok

Kathryn Hickok - Class of 2003

"Be flexible in the options you consider while also being honest with yourself."

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Sammy Lopez

Sammy Lopez - Woodburn, Oregon - Class of 2016

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Alexys Bermudez

Alexys Bermudez - Waimea, Hawaii - Class of 2018

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