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Lydia Heye

Lydia HeyeLydia Heye graduated from UP in 2019 with a B.A. in Political Science, and is currently a second year law student at UCLA School of Law specializing in critical race studies and environmental law. She serves on the boards of the UCLA Environmental Law Society, UCLA Black Law Students Association, and the National Black Law Journal at UCLA. Lydia shared that the College of Arts and Sciences at UP allowed her the flexibility to explore different subject areas such as environmental science and biology even though she was a political science major. Courses such as Ethics, the Character Project, and Perspectives on Social Justice (to name a few) prepared her to critically engage with complex issues around morality and justice. Lydia says, “Having this breadth of academic experience going into law school prepared me for addressing the intersectionality of big world problems such as environmental and energy injustice. I am grateful for the incredible faculty in CAS who taught me and mentored me throughout my time at UP."