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Theology Faculty

Christina Astorga

Christina Astorga, PhD

Department Chairperson, Professor of Theology


(503) 943-7046

451 Buckley Center

Dr. Astorga's Faculty Profile

Jennifer Grace Bird

Jennifer Grace Bird, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Theology


(503) 943-7274

440 Buckley Center

Dr. Bird's Faculty Profile

Michael Cameron

Michael Cameron, PhD

Professor of Theology


(503) 943-7369

445 Buckley Center

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Rebecca Gaudino

Rebecca Gaudino, PhD

Lecturer of Theology


(503) 943-7365

441 Buckley Center

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Dr. Jonathan Stanfill

Jonathan Stanfill, PhD

Visiting Instructor of Theology


(503) 943-7274

440 Buckley Center

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David Farina Turnbloom

David Farina Turnbloom, PhD

Assistant Professor of Theology


(503) 943-7345

440 Buckley Center

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Rachel Wheeler

Rachel Wheeler, PhD

Assistant Professor of Theology


(503) 943-7656

443 Buckely Center

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