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Theology Core

In the University Core all students take three courses in theology:

  • THE 105 (Introduction to Theology)
  • THE 205 (The Bible Past and Present)
  • an upper level Theology course of the student's own choosing

THE 105 introduces students to the academic discipline of theology, its lenses and sources, in examining questions of faith and human existence. Students are invited to investigate how the Christian tradition has answered these fundamental questions by means of its focus on the person of Jesus Christ, the Christian understanding of God, and key issues of our contemporary world.

THE 205 offers students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the biblical tradition. Students will learn how to read biblical literature in its own and in present-day contexts and how the Bible has contributed to the shaping of our world. THE 205 is prerequisite for all upper level courses in theology except PCS/SJP/THEP 300.

After completing THE 105 and THE 205 students may choose from a wide variety of upper level courses. These range from Scripture, Spirituality, and Church History to Liturgy, Ethics, and Systematics, giving students the opportunity to explore their own interests. This upper division course may be taken at the 300 or 400 level.

Theology Course Descriptions