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Theology Core

In the University Core all students take two courses in theology:

  • THE 105 (Engaging Ultimate Questions: Religion, Faith, and Ethics)
  • THE 205 (Biblical Texts in Global Contexts)

THE 105 examines faith, religion, and ethics and considers their roles in the human search for meaning. It engages students in critical and creative studies of diverse global theologies, including the Roman Catholic tradition.

THE 205 examines how Biblical texts and interpretations shape faiths, theologies, spiritualities, ethics, practices, identities, cultures, and social and political dynamics. It gives students tools to interpret and engage these ancient Jewish and Christian texts from the Mediterranean world in contemporary global contexts. THE 205 is prerequisite for all upper level courses in theology.

After completing THE 105 and THE 205 students may choose from a wide variety of upper level courses to fulfil their Explorations core curriculum requirement. These courses range from Biblical Studies, Spirituality, and Historical Theology to Liturgy, Ethics, and Systematics, giving students the opportunity to explore their own interests. This upper division course may be taken at the 300 or 400 level.

Theology Course Descriptions