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Christina Astorga, PhD


Dr. Christina Astorga is Professor and Chair of the Theology Department of the University of Portland. Prior to assuming this position, Dr. Astorga worked in other universities. She was the former Chair of the Theology Department of the Ateneo de Manila—Loyola Schools (1994-2003) and was the Founding Director of the Center for the Study of Catholic Social Thought of Duquesne University (2007-2011); She was awarded fellowships at the Jesuit Institute of Boston College (2003-2004), Woodstock Theological Center, Georgetown University (2004-2005), and visiting scholarship at Fordham University (2011-2014). She was a Visiting Professor at Canisius College (2006-2007), University of San Diego (2005-2006), and Gonzaga University (2013-2014).

She teaches Theological Ethics (Fundamental Moral Theology), Bioethics, Sexual Ethics, and Feminist Ethics. She is a well published scholar, with her book, Catholic Moral Theology and Social Ethics: A New Method, having been awarded the Best Book by the College Theology Society in 2014 and by the 2015 Catholic Press Association of America and Canada Book Award, third place. Her first book, The Beast, the Harlot, and the Lamb: When Faith Confronts Systemic Evil, won the National Book Award in the Philippines, given by the Manila Critics Circle. She is published in peer-reviewed journals like Theological Studies, Horizons, Concilium, Journal of Society of Christian Ethics, Asian Horizons, Proceedings of the Catholic Theological Society of America, and has articles published as chapters of books.

Dr. Astorga was originally from the Philippines, and had she not been in the field of Theology, she would have been a lawyer or an interior designer. She enjoys cooking and entertaining family and friends in her home.

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