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Theology, BA

This major provides you with the knowledge and skills for spiritual inquiry and ethical decision-making. It explores the sub-disciplines of theology from a Catholic ecumenical perspective and includes biblical studies, historical theology, systematic theology, theological ethics, and liturgical and sacramental theology. 

Students frequently combine a major in theology with another major such as education, philosophy, psychology, or social work to augment their skills in service-oriented professions. There are a variety of internship opportunities available in churches, hospitals, outreach programs and volunteer organizations. Historically, theology was the foundation for the university in the West, and it remains an excellent course of study in the liberal arts. Students majoring in theology are prepared for graduate study in theology, religion, and ministry and in a number of related disciplines in the liberal arts and the professions. A degree in theology provides a foundation for critical, spiritual, and ethical reflection; for scholarship and scholarly dialogue; for teaching; and for pastoral service and administration.

The Campus Ministry program at the University of Portland as well as the Moreau Center for Service and Leadership provide theology students with opportunities to participate in a number of ways: retreats, liturgical ministries, scripture study, faith formation and development, and service outreach.

Career Pathways

Theology majors learn crucial skills for thinking critically about the world, writing persuasively, problem-solving, and communicating effectively—valuable skills all employers seek. While some of our majors pursue graduate work in theology, other students go on to have meaningful and successful careers in other fields such as

  • Education
  • Ordained ministry
  • Writing
  • Counseling
  • Social service
  • Advocacy
  • Human resources
  • Youth ministry
  • Retreat ministry
  • Service coordinator
  • Volunteer director
  • Outreach coordinator
  • Law


Theology majors take 39 credits in the University Core Curriculum, 21-33 hours in the College of Arts and Sciences core, 34 hours of theology courses for the major, and 21-33 hours of electives. 

Sample Courses

  • Jesus' Ministry in the Gospels
  • Queer Theologies
  • Poets, Prophets, Divas, and Diviners
  • Sexual Ethics
  • Spirituality and the Arts
  • Heaven, Hell, and Hope
  • Sacramental Imagination