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Department of Political Science and Global Affairs

Political science teaches students to analyze information and understand the behavioral, conceptual, historical, and institutional aspects of political life. We offer both a political science major and a political science minor, and students work with faculty to investigate such areas as justice and peace, foreign governments and globalization, the role of law in society, and the character of political life in the United States. There are internships in local, state, and national offices, and an option to study in Washington, D.C. There are a variety of relevant student clubs, including the Mock Trial team, a think tank, and the College Democrats or College Republicans clubs.

Elvia Montoya

Elvia Montoya - Class of 2015
Political Science and Spanish

"The critical thinking, oral communication, organizational, and writing skills I learned at the University of Portland have been valuable in my career."

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Bill Curtis

Bill Curtis Professor of Political Science

"I try to challenge my students to think critically about why they believe what they believe."

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Kathleen Burks

Kathleen Burks - Class of 2019
No Kid Hungry Youth Ambassador at North Clackamas School District

"Internships are important because they give you the opportunity to figure out what you like and help you find what you're truly passionate about."

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