Internships | University of Portland


Political science majors gain real-life experience when they complete an academic year or summer internship. With the support of the Department of Political Science and the Career Center, undergraduate students lend their skills to a variety of organizations.

Recent political science majors have engaged in the following internships: Phoenix mayor's office; Portland City Hall; Immigration and Naturalization Services; Congressional Offices - House and Senate; Democratic Party; State Department; law offices in Portland. Internships give students the opportunity to integrate coursework with experiential learning while gaining practical experience in a political science-related field.

Students have a great degree of flexibility in selecting an internship. Internships may be completed during the academic year or during the summer break at government, government-related, or non-profit agencies in the Portland area, throughout the United States, or abroad.

In the process of applying for, interviewing for, and completing an internship, political science majors gain important experience in creating an excellent resume, practicing interview techniques, and interacting with experts in their professional fields. Internships also provide students with the opportunity to hone their critical thinking and writing skills and establish contacts in the professional world.

The College of Arts & Sciences has dedicated staff in assisting you with preparation, searching, and applying for a variety of internships related to your field of study. For more information, please visit the internship page on the PilotsUP portal.