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Political Science and Global Affairs, BA

Whatever your career aspirations, a major in political science and global affairs can help you hone your decision-making, problem-solving, and analytical capabilities. You'll become an effective communicator, a lucid writer, and a critical thinker. You will learn how institutions work, why social change is difficult, and how to think creatively about social problems, legal questions, and democracy. You'll learn to analyze social power and the way it affects and is affected by political, legal, and economic institutions.  Political science is a versatile major that can lead to a variety of exciting careers.

Career Paths of Recent POL Grads Include:

  • Public Policy Sector
  • Public Service in Local, State, or Federal Institutions
  • Domestic and International Business
  • Journalism and Media
  • Public Relations and Communication
  • Education
  • Political Campaigns and Consulting
  • Legal/Judicial fields
  • Non-Profit Administration


Political science and global affairs majors take 39 credits in the University Core Curriculum, 21-33 hours in the College of Arts and Sciences core, 36 hours of political science courses for the major, and 12-24 hours of electives. 

Sample Elective Courses

  • Race and the Law in the US (New)
  • Democracy and Diversity: Politics in an Age of Fracture (New)
  • Chinese Politics and Foreign Policy (New)
Bill Curtis

Bill Curtis Professor of Political Science

"I try to challenge my students to think critically about why they believe what they believe."

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Elvia Montoya

Elvia Montoya - Class of 2015
Political Science and Spanish

"The critical thinking, oral communication, organizational, and writing skills I learned at the University of Portland have been valuable in my career."

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