Academic Study in Washington, D.C. | University of Portland

Academic Study in Washington, D.C.

The University of Portland is a member institution of the Washington Semester Program, American University, Washington, D.C. This program allows students an opportunity to study and do internships in our nation's capital. American University administers and supports the program, and it provides housing on its Tenley Campus, a campus that is devoted specifically to the Washington Semester program. Students are also given privileges similar to those of regular undergraduates at American University.

Students who participate in this program take courses that are offered by full-time American Univer­sity faculty who have appointments in the Washington Semester Program. Nor­mally, students in the program take a seminar, do a research project and take a two-day a week internship that is suited to their own interests. The seminar programs cover a wide range of fields in American politics, justice, law, and peace studies, and the internships available include positions with congressional offices and committees, the executive branch, interest groups, think tanks, local governmental organizations, the media, and non-governmental and cultural organi­zations. Additional information concerning the program, applications, and application deadlines can be obtained from the campus coordinator for the pro­gram, Dr. Jeffrey Meiser.