Recognized Faculty and National Grant Recipients

National and Regional Teaching Awards

Laura McLary, International Languages & Cultures, 2015 Oregon Professor of the Year, Carnegie Foundation

Kate Regan, International Languages & Cultures (dec.), U.S Professor of the Year Award, Carnegie Foundation and Excellence in Post-Secondary Foreign Language teaching, Pacific Northwest Conference of Foreign Languages

Becky Houck, Biology (dec.), Oregon Professor of the Year, Carnegie Foundation

Angela Hoffman, Chemistry, Fellow of the American Chemical Society

Fulbright Scholar Awards

Nick McRee, Sociology & Social Work

John Orr, English

Molly Hiro, English

Lars Larson, English

Rev. Richard Rutherford, CSC, Emeritus, Theology

John McDonald, English

Katie O'Reilly, Biology

National Grant Recipients

Elinor Sullivan, Biology, National Institute of Mental Health

Amy Beadles-Bohling, Biology Scholars Program Assessment Residency Travel Grant

Tara Maginnis, Murdock Life Science Research Grant

Ted Eckmann, Oregon Independent College Foundation, Grants for Environmental Investigation and Apprenticeships in Science and Engineering ASE

Warren Wood, Murdock College Research Program for Natural Sciences

Molly Hiro and Lars Larson, English, CISGO Considering India: A Film Introduction

Bob Butler, Environmental Science, National Science Foundation

Terry Favero, Biology, National Institutes of Health

Greg HillMathematics and Steven Kolmes, Environmental Science, National Science Foundation

Math Department, National Science Foundation

Terry Favero and Kevin Cantrell, M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust: Grants in Chemistry

Hannah Callender and Stephanie Salomone, Dundon-Berchtold Institute Ethics Curriculum Fellowship

Steven Mayer, National Science Foundation, American Chemical Society-Petroleum Research Fund, and Research Corporation for Science Advancement

Katie O'Reilly, Biology, National Science Foundation

Anissa Rogers, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Hartford Foundation Faculty Scholar

Hannah Callender, Dundon-Berchtold Initiative in Applied Ethics Grant and Preparation for Industrial Careers in Math: Mathematical Association of America and National Science Foundation Travel Grant

Jacquie Van Hoomissen, Biology, National Science Foundation

Kevin Jones and Anissa Rogers, CISGO Seed Grant

Blair Woodard, The Kate Regan Junior Faculty Development Grant; National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend

Graves Awards For Teaching in the Humanities

Laurie McLary, International Languages & Cultures

Alejandro Santana, Philosophy

Patrick Murphy, Performing & Fine Arts

University of Portland Outstanding Teaching Awards

Renee Heath, Communication Studies

Jeff Kerssen-Griep, Communication Studies

John Orr, English

Mike Snow, Emeritus, Biology

Stephanie Solomone, Mathematics

University of Portland Outstanding Scholarship Awards

Richard Askay, Philosophy
Franz Mayr
, Emeritus, Philosophy

Carol Dempsey, Theology

Terry Favero, Biology

Jeff Kerssen-Griep, Communication Studies

Louis Masson, Emeritus, English

Anissa Rogers, Social & Behavioral Science

Rev. Richard Rutherford, CSC, Emeritus, Theology

University of Portland Culligan Award for Outstanding Service

Elise Moentmann, Department of History 

Sr. Sandra Lincoln, Emeritus, Chemistry

Kenneth Kleszynski, Performing & Fine Arts

Michael Connolly, Performing & Fine Arts

Rev. Arthur Wheeler, CSC, History

Trudie Booth, International Languages & Cultures

Matthew Baasten, Theology

University of Portland Dean's Award for Outstanding Leadership

Laura McLary, Department of International Languages & Cultures  

Kenneth Kleszynski, Performing & Fine Arts

Mark Utlaut, Physics

Norah Martin, Philosophy

Ed Bowen, Performing & Fine Arts

University of Portland Tyson Distinguished Professorship

Mike Snow, Emeritus, Biology

Louis Masson, Emeritus, English

Robert Duff, Emeritus, Social & Behavioral Science

College of Arts & Sciences Becky Houck Award for Excellence in Advising

Martin Monto, Sociology & Social Work

Trudie Booth, International Languages & Cultures

Susan Baillet, Psychological Sciences

David Alexander, Biology (dec.)

Elayne Shapiro, Communication Studies

Laurie McLary, International Languages & Cultures

Gary Malecha, Political Science

Becky Houck, Biology (dec.)