Becky Houck Award Nomination Procedures


Faculty nominated for the Becky Houck Award for Excellent Advising must have at least three years of advising experience and may not have received the award in the previous five years. The names of those faculty members who have been nominated will remain active for a period of three years.

Application Process

By Friday of the third week in January, the associate dean for students will solicit written nominations, with rationale, from the faculty of the College, the Student Advisory Leadership Council, and the director of the College's advising staff.

Selection Process

The associate dean for students will collect and synthesize the nominations and bring them for a decision to a committee composed of their administrative staff, and at least one past award recipient.


The award for excellent academic advising will include an honorarium and a plaque, and the names of recipients will be posted on the College's website. The award will be conferred at the College's annual celebration reception in February.