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Organizational Communication, BS

The bachelor of science degree program in organizational communication provides more specialized, interdisciplinary, knowledge application-oriented instruction in professional aptitudes key to working within and among organizations and communities. Students complete coursework and learning experiences that give insight into the concepts and practices underlying human and technical organizational communication systems. This degree prepares students for specialized graduate study in communication and related fields, and for professional work in several organizational contexts and roles, such as corporate communication, public relations, personnel, and organizational leadership. This degree program offers two concentration options in partnership with the Robert B. Pamplin School of Business.

Leadership and Global Sustainability Concentration

Students pursuing a leadership and global sustainability concentration learn to demonstrate understanding and competency in collaborative leadership skills for a variety of 21st century contexts, where the notion of "global" references concern for community and local organizing as well as international relationships, and "sustainable" includes CST's mission emphasis on sustainable workplaces, relationships, and environments. Students choose from a range of innovative upper-division communication studies and business coursework to shape their degree program in this concentration.

Organizing and Public Relations Concentration

Students seeking an Organizing and Public Relations concentration learn to demonstrate conceptual and applied abilities to understand, organize, coordinate, nurture, and promote the work of organizations and communities. Again, students select their upper-division coursework from among a variety of advanced communication studies and business classes to shape their degree program.

Students in both concentrations are encouraged to explore potential occupations via the professional training made available through many community-based academic internships.

Organizational Communication, BS Degree Requirements