Capstones | University of Portland


Each undergraduate CST major successfully completes an individual capstone research project to earn the degree

During their senior year, each CST student takes a 400-level CST course that has a capstone component. Within the context of that course, each capstoning student crafts an original paper and oral presentation that bring together key aspects of her/his undergraduate learning in communication & media. Each capstone-eligible CST course offers some choice among individualized and equally rigorous capstone experiences that develop and showcase students' skilled achievement (and enjoyment) of CST learning outcomes.

Capstone projects help communication & media students integrate key knowledge and abilities within their chosen specialties by having them analyze and apply what they have learned in richly pragmatic ways. They benefit a student's graduation profile by giving the chance to gain relevant experience, master subject matter and analysis, and create artifacts useful for career entry, development, and advancement.

Current students in the College can find more information on the PilotsUP portal.