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Current and Past Award winners

The Paul S Melhuish Outstanding Organizational Communication Major
Elizabeth Miranda 2016    
Erin Petersen 2015
Sierra Bray 2014
Danielle Christensen 2013
Katherine (Katy) Portell 2012
Krista Morasch 2011
Katherine (Katy) Canavan 2010
Rebecca McKee 2009
Amy Oliveria 2008
Jennifer DiMartino 2007
Rachel M. Shaver 2006
Gina M. Agosta 2005

The Robert L. Fulford Outstanding Communication and Journalism Major
Hannes Zetzsche 2016
Mikayla Posey 2015
Amanda Danforth 2014
Catherine (Catie) Schuster 2013
Marit Tegelaar 2012
Chelsea Hossaini 2011
Emily Sitton 2010
Ashley Smith 2009
Autum Dierking 2008
Taren E. Rokstad 2007
Catherine R. Bailey 2006
David P. Balthazar 2005

The Department of Communication Studies Outstanding Graduate Award
Jason Dodson 2015
Ricardo Munoz and Loren Sickles 2012
Jessica Wiege and Anna Symonds 2011
Krista Kennedy and Laura Payne 2010
M.J. Helgerson 2009
Arianna A. Molloy 2007
Amy E. Cavanaugh 2006
Stephen Underhill 2005

Elayne J. Shapiro Outstanding Graduate Student Award
Amelia Cole 2016

The Senior Lincoln Award for Debate Excellence from the University of Portland Speech and Debate Union
Vince Purchase 2012

The Father Stephen C. Rowan University of Portland Speech and Debate Union Senior Award
Elizabeth Hartley 2014
Valerie Schiller 2013
Beau Woodward 2013

Brian Simmons Award For Debate Excellence From The University Of Portland Speech And Debate Union
Chelsea Roberts 2015
Katherine Wilson 2015

Univeristy of Portland Speech and Debate Union Award for Debate Excellence
Anna Murphy 2016