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Communication & Media Studies

Undergraduate students who major in communication may choose among our three degree programs: (a) bachelor of arts in communication, (b) bachelor of science in organizational communication, or (c) bachelor of science in media and health communication.

All of our programs develop students' abilities to design, express, and critically evaluate written, oral, nonverbal and mediated messages in a variety of communication contexts.

Communication & Media Degrees

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Communication, BA

The bachelor of arts degree in communication addresses the roles interpersonal and mediated messages play in negotiating personal, group, and societal attitudes, values, beliefs, actions, and meanings. Students pursuing the BA degree can shape their upper-division courses choices in optional areas of study in (a) organizing and relational communication, (b) environmental communication, and (c) culture and communication. 

Communication, BA

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Organizational Communication, BS

The bachelor of science degree in organizational communication is offered in collaboration with the Robert B. Pamplin, Jr. School of Business. It develops understanding and expertise about organizational practices, structures, and identities. Students pursuing the BS degree shape their coursework around concentrations in organizational leadership, global sustainability, or organizing and public relations.

Organizational Communication, BS

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Media and Health Communication, BS

The bachelor of science degree in media and health communication is a more focused and applied interdisciplinary degree program, reflecting on media and health communication and the future of work and civil society by integrating coursework from across campus related to media studies, artificial intelligence practices, mediated communication, journalism, digital lab work and production, public policy, and health communication.