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Student Research

Communication & Media Research and Career Development

As a Communication & Media student you will develop several original research projects that will deepen what you know and help you explore your own sought-after professional and scholarly expertise.

Some of those research projects are carried out in collaboration with your peers and faculty and shared at professional conference settings. UP's Provost's office often helps fund COM students' conference participation. 

Besides joining your own works with that wider conversation, conferences immerse you in key puzzles, technologies, methods, breakthroughs, and applications currently top-of-mind for media and communication scholars and professionals. Conferences show you scholarship norms and opportunities, let you question and network with creators of your COM courses’ scholarship and graduate programs, and expose you to cutting-edge thought as conference works often are 1-2 years ahead of ideas shared in journal publications!


With faculty mentoring, UP COM students submit and share their works at these annual communication and media conferences, plus at other topic-based cross-disciplinary conferences opportunities that emerge:

Our faculty also regularly offer SURE (Student Undergraduate Research Experience) grants that involve COM students collaborating on faculty-led research projects via the Student Undergraduate Research office.