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Why Study Communication & Media?

Kamauri YehThis innovative discipline helps you discover and develop how you can engage the many ways communication and media shape the world - our relationships and identities, our teams and organizations, our entertainments and professions, our stories and understandings, our societies and environments – and how they affect people’s status, power, influence, compassion, and ability to thrive and change with each other. 

In learning about communication and media, you will acquire abilities most valued by employers and others in our professional and personal worlds – you will be noted for seeing more of the social machinery than many others do, and for knowing how to engage that machinery with intention rather than simply feeling moved around by it. You will discover which of our growing discipline’s intriguing specializations apply to the rich professional and community callings that interest you most. 

Kamauri Yeh (pictured here) graduated from the University of Portland Communication and Media program in 2012. She is a seasoned and multifaceted brand marketing and creative executive.

She currently serves as the Vice President Global Womens Creative Director at Nike. Kamauri leads the Global Nike Women creative vision and creative direction, driving end-to-end from concept and ideation to channel placement across all platforms. This role also includes creative leadership over Nike’s creative approach to Holistic Fitness, Nike Running, and Women’s Lifestyle.

Students who graduate with a degree in Communication & Media go on to work in the worlds of finance, healthcare, law, public policy work, events coordination, public outreach, community change, professional communications (like social media management), organizational leadership, journalism, media direction, human resources, public relations, marketing, city administration, broadcast journalism, and so many other ever-developing roles. 

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Click the “Alumni” tab on UP’s LinkedIn page and enter “organizational” “communication” or “media” in that search window to view occupations and updates from our intriguing COM alums! Look especially at the “What They Do,” What They’re Skilled At,” and “What They Studied” graphs that emerge when you search.