Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (MAPM) | University of Portland

Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (MAPM)


The Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (MAPM) at the University of Portland sees theology as an effort to understand the mystery of God working in society through the people of God. This theological vision, claimed by the Second Vatican Council and through ecumenical conversations, empowers all members of the church to fully engage in life and ministry. The MAPM program exemplifies this vision as students and faculty work together in a way that is both mutually formative and enriching of church ministry.

The MAPM program develops lay ministers and deacon aspirants who serve in parishes, hospitals, hospice programs, schools, archdiocesan administrative offices, and private practice. MAPM students are provided with sound theological foundations, basic ministerial skills, and resources for ministry. They have an opportunity to develop personal spirituality and a professional ministerial network.

This program is led by a committed faculty recognized for their professional expertise, publication records, pastoral experiences, and outstanding teaching. The faculty is dedicated to helping each student meet his or her individual educational needs and goals as well as meeting the professional standards of the theological discipline.

The 39-credit hour program can be completed in three years by taking two courses each fall and spring semester and one class in the summer session. The program meets on the weekends: five weekends in each Fall and Spring semester and four weekends in the summer session. Students can also complete the program by taking one course each session over a longer period of time.

Student groups form cohorts that are together for the three-year program. Cohorts enjoy the experience of theological reflection groups, spiritual directors, personal academic advisors, and access to area and regional libraries either online or at the library facilities.