PRF Reading Course


The Public Research Fellows program was founded upon the belief that the humanities, far from being a drag on the revival of university education in the face of these issues, are in fact crucial to its future. The two parts of the program—student/faculty research and student participation in a reading course—are designed to work in tandem. Using an annual theme as our touchstone, the program provides the opportunity to investigate how scholars might engage a timely topic using creative public humanities methods, reaching beyond an audience of like-minded academics to the wider world in which we live. Students read a variety of texts that introduce key issues, debates, and methodologies in the field of public humanities while we explore a range of models for publicly-engaged projects. Our goal is for students to develop a background in public humanities tools and methods that they can then bring to bear on their collaboration with their faculty partner. As we work toward developing connections between our research projects and the public, we will continually reflect on our own relationship to our academic work and how we envision making it matter in ways that move beyond the individual to the public good.

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