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The University of Portland is an institutional member of the American Mathematical Society (AMS).  The AMS is dedicated to advancing research and connecting the diverse global mathematical community (including professional mathematicians as well as students) through its publications, meetings and conferences, MathSciNet, professional services, advocacy, and other awareness programs. 

Benefits of membership include:

  • Free shipping on all purchases.
  • Discounts on AMS/MAA Press titles. 
  • Reduced registration at the Joint Mathematics Meetings and AMS Sectional Meetings. 
  • Free subscriptions to the Notices and Bulletin of the AMS.

UP Student Benefits

UP students may also be interested in the AMS for students page, which contains a host of resources and information for high school and undergraduate students of mathematics, including:

  • A long list of math programs, including summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs)
  • Information regarding graduate school applications and programs
  • A list of mathematics competitions throughout the country
  • Advice on publishing and presenting your research
  • Information on how to get math help
  • Advice on finding internships, fellowships, and jobs
  • Examples of how math is used in everyday life
  • And much more!