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Mathematics Alumni Profiles

Allison Lewis ‘11

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics at St. Mary’s College of Maryland

photo of Allison Lewis“When I came to UP as a freshman, I didn’t intend to major in mathematics. During my first years on The Bluff, I found myself really enjoying my math classes and I decided to switch my major my sophomore year. My favorite mathematics class was about applied probability and statistics.  I loved all of my math classes, but this probability course really appealed to me as a field that I might be interested in pursuing further. In fact, my graduate dissertation included a large probability component. I really enjoyed the small class sizes at UP and getting to connect with my professors. Even after I graduated from UP, my professors were quick to reply to my emails with advice or words of encouragement. They helped me develop the confidence that I needed to tackle a Ph.D. degree and further my career path.”

James Mahoney ‘10

Operations Researcher at the National Security Agency 

photo of James Mahoney“In my current position, I use a combination of math, data science, and programming skills to solve challenging problems that come from all across the agency. I have found that I still use the math and teaching skills I gained at UP, both in my daily work and in communicating complicated concepts to my customers. During my time at UP, my favorite mathematics class was a number theory course. This class was run using the Moore Method, which meant that the professor supplied us with definitions and statements to prove, and we had to figure out how to craft the proofs. It was very student-centered and was a gratifying experience for me. Studying math can be hard, but it’s worth sticking with it. My positive experiences with math classes at UP led me to believe that I could handle post-graduate studies in mathematics. After graduating from UP, I continued my education and received a master’s in mathematics in 2012 and a Ph.D. in mathematical sciences in 2016.”

Roger Rosales ‘06

Actuary at Standard Insurance

photo of Roger Rosales“The UP mathematics department built a solid foundation for me to solve problems using a systematic approach. As an actuary at an insurance company, I am a mathematician who analyzes risks by using mathematics, statistics, and business knowledge. My current job responsibilities include actuarial modeling around financial planning, enterprise risk management, product development, and embedded value. Having a liberal arts education from UP helps me make forward looking projections by understanding many disciplines like politics, the economy, and environmental issues. While at UP, I held a summer internship at a local insurance company. This experience solidified my goal to become an actuary. After graduating from UP, I passed a series of actuarial exams to become a fully credentialed actuary. I wanted a career where I could do math for a living and practice applying my skills on the business side. The actuarial field was perfect for me since it combines both math and business.”