Student Awards

All students who are chemistry majors or minors are invited to attend the annual chemistry awards ceremony held in the spring. Several awards and scholarships exist to recognize science students who have attained high distinction in their work.

William and Lavina Wilson Award in Chemistry

William and Lavina Wilson Award in Chemistry is presented to the outstanding student in chemistry for the year. The student, selected by the chemistry faculty, need not be a chemistry major and may be in any class year. The award consists of a cash scholarship award and the recipient's name is engraved on the plaque displayed in Swindells Hall. This award is named in honor of former student and faculty member William Wilson, and his wife, Lavina.

2021-22 Lily Gunning, Anna Hicks and Isaac Reinhard
2020-21 Kailin Marie Mooney
2019-20 Amanda Yachiyo Beaman and Vanessa Hillary Eng
2018-19 Siva Ho and Claire A. Kearney
2017-18 Rochelle Shih
2016-17 Bryce Birchfield and Emily O'Loughlin
2015-16 Noah Forrest and Bao Tran Nahn
2014-15 Matthew Chavarria
2013-14 Anna Warden
2012-13 Lillian P. Nguyen
2011-12 Diane Le

ACS Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry

The Analytical Chemistry Award is presented to the outstanding student in Analytical Chemistry lecture and laboratory. This American Chemical Society sponsored award includes a nine-month subscription to Analytical Chemistry.

2022 Peter Nguyen
2021 Kailin Marie Mooney
2020 Christopher Souheil Elkhal
2019 Claire A. Kearney 
2018 Jarren K. T. Takaki
2017 Emily O'Loughlin
2016 Emily O'Loughlin
2015 Natalie Cawker
2014 Matthew Chavarria
2013 Ryan Wilson
2012 Vinson Diep

ACS Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry

2022 Bao Huynh
2021 Jason Patrick Ware
2020 Vanessa Hillary Eng
2019 Joey Lippert
2018 Connor McLoughlin
2017 Emily O'Loughlin
2016 Noah Forrest
2015 Kelly Ramzy
2014 Paul Entzminger
2013 Juno Van Valkenburgh
2012 Valerie Chiong
2011 Jason Han

ACS Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry

2022 Lily Gunning and Isaac Reinhard
2021 Aubrey Michelle Putansu
2020 Vanessa Hillary Eng
2019 Mitchell S. Law
2018 Rochelle Shih
2017 Kevin Jones
2016 Dylan Nevin
2015 Keean Braceros
2014 Anna Warden
2013 Juno Van Valkenburgh

ACS Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry

2022 Emma Morrow
2021 Brytney M. Young

2020 Christopher Souheil Elkhal
2019 Vanessa Hillary Eng
2018 Joey Lippert
2017 Rochelle Shih

ACS Undergraduate Award in Biochemistry

2022 Lily Gunning and Anna Hicks
2021 Emma Joy Snodgrass
2020 Amanda Yachiyo Beaman
2019 Erin E. Faloon