UP Mock Trial Team Makes Their Case | University of Portland

UP Mock Trial Team Makes Their Case

UP's Mock Trial Team in a California court room

There are several aspiring lawyers at the University of Portland, in addition to students who enjoy learning about the legal system. These students have funneled their skills into University of Portland’s Mock Trial team, competing in tournaments across the country. At these tournaments, the UP Mock Trial students argue facts from affidavits, depositions, and exhibits. They find success by telling their case theory through a story in the form of direct-examinations, cross-examinations, opening statements, and closing arguments. Just like in real trials, witnesses in Mock Trial control the narrative for both sides, but unlike in real life, school teammates in Mock Trial portray the witnesses within the trial.


University of Portland Mock Trial students have been remarkably successful so far this year. At the Frohnmayer Invitational tournament, hosted by University of Oregon, one of our groups got fourth place, and at the Wlodarczyk Invitational Triton Tournament, hosted at Cal Western School of Law by UCSD, one group got fifth place, and the other got third. Individual competitors also won awards for their outstanding performance during the competition. Recently the UP team hosted the Thornhill Throwdown Tournament right here on campus on December 2nd and 3rd.


During the 2020-2021 Mock Trial season, the University of Portland qualified for the AMTA Opening Round Championship Series where they placed top 48 in the nation, claiming their place in the National Championship Series for the first time in recent program history. Since then, the program has competed across the country, collecting over 20 individual and program awards. University of Portland’s Mock Trial team is currently ranked #1 in the PNW and top #100 in the nation. Nationally, the University of Portland Mock Trial program has a reputation for bold advocacy and dramatic witness performances.