Senior Thesis in History

Senior Theses in History December 2013

Victoria R. Banda, "Socialists vs. Socialites: The Class and Ideological Dispute During the Shirtwaist Makers' Strike of 1909"

Aine Brooks, "The People's Fight: An Examination of the Irish War for Independence"

Cory Casanova, "Armor in the Bocage: How the Allied Tanks Won in Normandy"

Lesley A. Dawson, "The 'Dominion Challenge': understanding Canadian national Identity Through the Development of Organized Hockey and the Birth of the Stanley Cup"

Sterling Duracher, "Freedom and the Crown: William Wallace and Robert the Bruce in Scottish National Identity"

Corinn Evancho, "Egypt's Own Arab nationalism: The Formation of National Identity in a Cold War Setting"

Amy Elizabeth Gharring, "The Impact of Operation Ajax, the 1953 Coup in Iran: Historians at the University of Portland"

Sr. Mary Kimario, "Ujamaa Socialism and Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere: Achievements, Failures, and the Effects of Ujamaa Socialism in Tanzania"

Danielle Knott, "Viva Los Punks! Recontextualizing the Chicano/ an Experience in the Los Angeles Punk Rock Narrative"

Colleen McCormick, "The Madres de Plaza de Mayo: Motherhood's Search for Answers during the Dirty War in Argentina"

Andrew Otton, "The Journey of FDR's Public Image as the Democratic Dictator"

Christina Steiner, "Dual Messages in Film and History: Audrey Hepburn's Films in Comparison to Women's roles in Mid-20th Century America"

Heather Treanor, "Images of Women's Suffrage Movements in great Britain and the Untied States, c. 1900-1920"

Lyndsey Tsuruda, "Alien Land Laws and Japanese Immigrants: The Effects of Xenophobic Legislation on an Immigrant Population"

Morgan Wells, "Perception and Existence of Dutch Childhood: Contesting Philippe Aries' Argument"

Nicholas J. Williams, "The Second Vatican Council and the Seminary- With a Focus on Mt. Angel"

Senior Theses in History December 2010

Meghan Tierney Ayersman, "The Italo- Ethiopian War and Its Impact on American Neutrality Policy in 1935"

Robyn Bruton, "The Integration of the Nursing Profession: 1940s-1950s"

Natalie Chaddock, "Catholic Action: How Oregon's Catholic community outlasted the Ku Klux Klan"

Tessa Maria Daniels, "Irish American Reactions to the IRA Between 1969-1998: A Socio-Cultural Perspective"

Mark Durbetaki, "A Working Education - Vocational Training at Chemawa Indian School in Salem, OR"

Amelia Gallegos, "Otto Dix: Insatiable Curiosity"

Samantha Heathcote, "The Christianization of England: Syncretism in Beowulf and other Anglo-Saxon Writings"

Brian Henderson, "Cain and Able On the Line: The AFL, the IWW, and American Labor's Civil War"

Nicole Lee, "From Corsets to the Flapper: The Causation of the Emergence of New Fashions in American Women's Clothing in the 1920's"

AJ McCreary, "The One-Drop Rule and its Influence on Mixed Marriages"

Mara McGreevey, "The Depiction of Latin Americans in Hollywood Films, 1938-1945: Hollywood as a Tool to Appease Latin Americans for America's Own Political and Economic Purposes"

Annemarie C. Medrzycki, "'Informal and free without being aimless:' Liberty Hyde Bailey and the Nature-Study movement, 1890-1920"

Nicholas Ong, "Battle on the Hill: General William B. Franklin, the Congressional Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War, and the Politics of Defeat"

Joseph T. Parrino, "The March to Madness: Austrian Society at the Outbreak of the First World War"

Celia Smeraglio, "College and Career, or Destined for Domesticity?: Mixed Messages in Popular American Women's Magazines during the 1950s"

Shona Voelckers, "The Stolen Generations of Western Australia: How Eurocentric Ideology Affected Aboriginal Policy"

Marne Warner, "Reefer Madness, America's New Drug: Marihuana in the Late 1930's"

Senior Theses in History December 2009

Kurt Barker, "The Tragedy of Impressment and Desertion: The Acceptance of British Deserters and How it Affected Chesapeake-Leopard Affair and the Consequences"

Nicole Blatner, "Three Muslim Scholars Working Against the Rulers of the Time"

Riley Bushue, "Smooth Sailing into Turbulent Skies: The Rise and Fall of Oregon's Strawberry Industry, 1914-1973"

Trenton David Conyers, "Occupied England: William the Conqueror's Domination of England"

Allison Goodfellow, "Imperial Reckoning: The United States and Arctic Exploration between 1870 and 1910"

Jesse Klein, "Hughes' and the Court's Internal Scale"

Denise Ledgerwood, "Interactions and Reactions: Tulelake, California's Experience With the 'Enemy' During World War II"

Andy Matarrese, "Live from the Space Race: The Changing Coverage of the Space Race through the 1960s"

Clint Robert Niehus, "A Particular Discourse: The Intersection of the Works of Bartolomé De Las Casas and Richard Hakluyt the Younger and Their Lasting Impact on the New World"

Caitlin O'Malley, "Hanford Pioneers: The Convergence of Three Frontiers"

Anna Victoria Sokolov, "Challenging Systematic Duplicity: Soviet Dissident Victor Sokolov Deserved to Lose"

Olivia Tonjes, "A Ubiquitous Uncertainty: An Interpretation of Letters and Diaries from the American Civil War"

Molly Walsh, "Pioneers of The Pacific Northwest: Asa Mercer and The Mercer Girls"

Sarah Wetter, "A Useful Kind of Marriage: Transatlantic Marriages as Social Bridges, 1880-1914"

Senior Theses in History December 2008

Allison Able, "Dorothea Lange and WWII: Documentary Photography Pioneer"

Justin Baumann, "The Second Boer War and its Impact upon the United States of America and Great Britain in the Early 20th Century: With Emphasis on the Diplomatic and Political Effects Concerning the Alignment of Great Britain and America as Natural Allies Beginning in the 1890's and Concluding with the Boer War"

Mitchell Biegler, "Media Moguls, Politicians, and Women: Who Carried the Big Stick in the Fight for Women's Suffrage in Oregon?"

Eric Breaux, "The Chinese in Portland: A Unique Situation in the Far West, 1880-1890"

Matthew A. Cuda, "Chinatown and the Creation of Identity: Portland's Chinatown during the 1980s"

Elizabeth Grasham, "Perceptions and Reality of the Original Flying Tigers during World War II"

Ashlee Grimes, "Student Activism: A Comparison between Reed College and the University of Portland, 1965 to 1969"

Edward R. Hammond, "American Interpretations of the Korean War"

Lucy Hunt, "The Bauhaus and Democratization of Design"

Jordan Kees, "Life in the Women's Army Corps: A Comparative Analysis"

Shea Knecht, "A Positive Relationship: Vancouver Barracks and the Town of Vancouver"

Jessie Labrie, "Social Change through the Lens of Carnegie Libraries"

Nathaniel Lee, "Advising the War fighters: The United States in Viet Nam from 1955 to 1965"

Jordan Lusink, "Carryin' the Banner: The New York Newsboys Strike of 1899"

Andrew S. O'Keefe, "The Battle for Oregon's Old-Growth: The Implications of Earth First!'s Old-Growth Forest Campaign of the 1980s in the Willamette National Forest"

Allison Pech, "Prejudice and Tolerance: The Oregon Compulsory School Bill of 1922"

Danielle Redman, "Child Welfare in the State of Oregon: 1915-1936"

Fabian Schoeppner, "Die Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands: Eine Partei im Nachlauf eines Krieges (The German Social Democratic Party: A Party in the Wake of a War)"

Ian Shelledy, "A Timely Resurrection: The Death and Rebirth of Portland's Streetcar System"

Clay Williams, "The Portland Black Panthers: Building the Local African-American Community from the Ground Up"

Alexandra Winkler. "Eamon de Valera and His Influence on the Language of Irish"