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Morris K. Udall Foundation Environmental Scholarship

This scholarship seeks to reward undergraduates with the commitment and potential to make significant contributions to the environment, tribal health and tribal governance.

General Qualities of Nominees:
Demonstrate commitment to improving or preserving the environment. For Native American and Alaska Native students, a demonstrated commitment to health care or tribal public policy. Potential for significant future contribution to his or her chosen field.

Who is the Typical Udall Scholar?
There is really no "typical" Udall Scholar. These scholars have a broad range of academic backgrounds and environmental, tribal governance, or health experience with an equally broad scope of potential careers.

Who is Eligible?
Only undergraduate sophomores and juniors may by nominated. Graduating seniors and first-year undergraduates are not eligible regardless of number of credits. Nominees must have a minimum 3.0 GPA. Nominees must be able to attend a mandatory Scholar Orientation Selection Process.

Applicants are reviewed using four principal categories:
  1. Commitment to improving or preserving the environment, or to health care or tribal public policy
  2. Personal characteristics - the criteria include activism, volunteerism, evidence of well-roundedness, and reference
  3. Essay
  4. Academic achievement

Please submit all nominations and a supporting statement to John Orr.

For additional information visit the Morris K. Udall website.

Summer Scholarships

There is a small scholarship offered each year to help Environmental studies majors who are taking summer courses required for completion of their degree. Preference is given to seniors. For more information, please contact Norah Martin.