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Department of Biology

The Department of Biology’s mission is to effectively develop students’ capacities to apply scientific thinking across a range of biological disciplines while providing a vibrant learning environment for all students. As they progress through the major, students investigate three sub-disciplines within biology including cell and molecular biology/genetics, field/population biology, and organismal biology. Students majoring in biology achieve comprehensive preparation for careers as research scientists and health care practitioners, as well as a wide range of technical positions in academia, industry, and governmental organizations. Biology majors acquire a breadth of knowledge and technical/analytical competencies, while reflecting on the interplay of science and society. Undergraduate research and service opportunities are available, thus developing students’ capacity for critical thinking, independent learning, and problem solving.

Are you interested in a career in the health care professions?

We offer preparatory courses for students interested in pursuing medical school, dental school, pharmacy, PT/OT, and veterinary school.  For more information please contact the pre-health advisor or current students may visit the PilotsUP portal page.