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Department of Physics

Physics is the science that seeks to understand natural phenomena as simply as possible and so provide the foundation for the other sciences and engineering. Whatever questions they ask, physicists have discovered that the answers ultimately involve the same elegant general principles, such as symmetry, energy and momentum, mass and charge.

A physics major provides a rigorous grounding in the scientific process and a firm scientific understanding of the world. It fosters critical thinking and quantitative problem solving skills and provides broad practical training in science and technology. It can lead to graduate study and basic research (in a variety of disciplines), to stimulating jobs in industry, or to challenging and rewarding careers in teaching.

Our faculty members are engaged in original research, and physics majors are drawn early into collaborative research projects with the faculty. Students learn to think as physicists, not just work physics problems, and faculty welcome students’ curiosity, questioning, and new perspectives.

Physics department chair

Dr. Maximilian Schlosshauer
Department Chair of Physics

Welcome! The University of Portland is consistently recognized as a university that provides an outstanding education, and in the Department of Physics, you will find students and professors who are excited about physics...

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