Department of Psychological Sciences | University of Portland

Department of Psychological Sciences

Psychology is the scientific study of both human and nonhuman behavior, thought and emotion. Its scope includes such diverse topics as development, neuroscience, cognition, social influences, personality, learning, and psychological disorders. At the University of Portland, psychology majors learn about psychological principles and theories, research methods, and basic and applied approaches to psychology. Psychology majors develop a sophisticated understanding of issues related to human diversity and difference

Students learn to use the scientific methods of psychology including observation, experimentation, and analysis to study the variety of topics. The research, writing, and analytical thinking skills gained by majors are highly valued across multiple employment settings. Students graduate having the ability to understand and think critically about behavior, collect, analyze, interpret data, and communicate their findings.

Psychology students have the opportunity to conduct research and work closely with professors, and may choose to gain experience through a variety of internships. The psychological sciences department provides an excellent foundation for those who wish to pursue graduate studies in psychology or other areas such as education, law, medicine, or physical therapy, or for careers in business, advertising, social services, non-profit organizations or community development.

We welcome you into this challenging, yet fun, major on campus!