PRF Highlights

College After Covid whiteboard project.

Working Group Investigates "College After Covid," Creates Campus Playlist

This semester the College After Covid working group is exploring what the return to campus has been like for the UP community. To kick off the year, the PRF interns conducted a whiteboard project on the Library Patio during the week after fall break, asking a variety of questions about how people have experienced this singular semester. On one of the days they asked participants: "What song captures this moment for you?" They used the responses to create a Spotify playlist, "The Sounds of Return." While the working group is creating a larger archive of the campus experience during this time through a variety of forms, including documentary film, surveys, campus conversation events, and community-submitted video interviews, the playlist offers an initial snapshot of the feelings circulating in the campus community as we transition back to in-person learning. 

Listen to the playlist here!

Student fellow Vy-An Nguyen.

Student Fellow Brings Oregon Humanities Project to UP, Other Campuses Across the State

Over the last year, college students have encountered a series of previously unthinkable challenges, from the abrupt shift to remote learning, to isolation from friends and family, to the navigation of academic and personal goals through a screen. Student fellow Vy-An Nguyen wants UP students to channel those experiences into meaningful connection. She recently began interning at Oregon Humanities and is bringing their popular Dear Stranger letter-exchange project to colleges across the state. The program is simple: students write letters about their experience over the past year and send them to the Oregon Humanities office. There the letters get paired with others from across the state; writers will receive a letter from another anonymous student from a different university. According to Vy-An, "The online learning environment makes it extremely difficult for students to meet new people and interact with other students." The Dear Stranger project provides the opportunity to "step away from the screen" and see the past year through someone else's eyes, giving students a chance to in turn see their own experience anew.

Check out the project flyer for more details

Senior Olivia Brimhall.

Student Fellow Spotlight

Fellows Olivia Brimhall, Trevor Reidmann, and Emma Wells are making the most of their senior year by collaborating on a project they hope will change how people think about migrants and asylum-seekers in this country.

Read more about their work and watch them discuss it.

Alex Gonzalez.

Student Fellow Spotlight: Alex Gonzalez

Alex Gonzalez is “diving in headfirst.” A senior biology major, she’s working with Dr. Susan Murray and two other student fellows on studying COVID-19's effect on the BIPOC community.

Read more about Alex's work.

Where Is Home.

Project Highlight: Dr. Lezlie Cross’s “Where is Home?”

Faculty fellow Dr. Lezlie Cross will soon kick off her PRF project, titled “Where Is Home?” The project, inspired by the living newspapers of the depression-era Federal Theatre Project, addresses and exposes historic and current housing inequity in Portland.

For more details and to reserve tickets, click here.

Dr. Matthew Warshawsky.

PRF Expands, Introduces New Teaching Fellowships

While PRF nearly doubled its research fellowships and student involvement in its second year, it also expanded the program through a new teaching fellowship offered to faculty interested in connecting their courses to the theme and forms of public engagement. Five faculty from Spanish, English, and the Fine Arts are designing course modules and assignments that ask students to connect their learning with a public outcome.

Read more about the expanding program and Dr. Matthew Warshawsky's work as a teaching fellow.

Displacement and Justice.

PRF Announces 2020-21 Theme: Displacement and Justice

The program is pleased to announce its 2020-21 theme: Displacement and Justice, proposed by Dr. Lara-Zuzan Golesorkhi (Political Science and Global Affairs).

Read more about the new theme.

PRF logo.

PRF Wraps Up First Year with Fall 2020 Virtual Series

Last year, the Humanities Collaborative of the College of Arts & Sciences launched the Public Research Fellows, a new program that uses humanities concepts and methods to bring people together from across the university and beyond campus to explore a common topic rooted in principles of human dignity, the common good, and social justice. Across 2020-21, six teams of faculty and undergraduates worked together to explore issues related to gender, suffrage movements, and voting rights.

Read more about Year 1 and the Fall 2020 Virtual Series.

Fight to Vote Roundtable.

PRF Hosts Suffrage and Voting Rights Roundtable

In October, the program hosted the second event in its fall virtual series: a panel of students and faculty fellows discussing their PRF research projects and the significance of voting rights ahead of the 2020 election.

Read more and watch clips of the event.

Cooper flyer.

PRF Kicks Off Fall Virtual Series with Dr. Brittney Cooper

Over 300 attendees logged in to hear Cooper discuss the significance of black women in U.S. suffrage history and contemporary politics.

Read more about the event and watch clips of Brittney Cooper's talk.