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What does it mean to be “Pre-Health” at UP?

Being a pre-health student means that in addition to your major requirements, you are also completing the pre-requisite coursework and extracurricular work to apply to a professional health program such as medical school or dental school after your time at UP. There is no such thing as a pre-health major or a pre-med major so the good news is you can major in anything you want! Professional health programs admit students from a variety of majors every year with no preference shown to any particular area.

Here at UP, we have two pre-health advisors that can help you determine how to fit in the extra pre-requisite coursework for any professional health program with your major choice. We can also help you figure out what kinds of extracurricular activities you should be doing while you are a student to help you with that professional school application later on.

Below, we have pre-requisite worksheets for each of the health professions for which we advise (PDF). Please note that these worksheets list the general pre-requisite courses for each area. Students should always double check the specific pre-requisites for the programs they are applying to in order to ensure all of their coursework is completed prior to application. 

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We can also help advise you if you are interested in chiropractic medicine; the pre-requisites are similar to medicine with a few differences.  If you have any questions you can always email us!


2020 Health Professions Fair Cancelled

We regret to announce that this year's 3rd Annual Health Professions Fair (originally scheduled for Monday, April 20) is cancelled. 

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Alumni Spotlight

Devin Wulff

Devin Wulff

Devin Wulff graduated in May of 2019 as one of UP’s outstanding student athletes. Not only was Devin a stellar student but he was also an outstanding runner on the men’s cross country team at UP. After graduation, Devin took a job as a physical therapy rehabilitation aide at a local clinic. Working as a PT aide allowed him to log hours towards his application while also getting paid. Devin also found time to coach cross country this past fall at his former high school. Devin credits each of these two jobs in helping to strengthen his application and gave him valuable insights into patient care and how to communicate with various patient and athlete populations. Throughout the fall he also spent time each day on his applications, essays, studying for the GRE, and taking two online classes. We are excited that Devin has accepted a spot in this year’s class at the University of St. Augustine's DPT program at Austin, Texas. He started there in January and we wish Devin continued success and all the best!

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Josh Colasurdo

Josh Colasurdo

Josh Colasurdo is a 2018 UP graduate who recently applied and has been accepted to several medical schools across the country. While Josh was at UP, he worked as an organic chemistry workshop leader and as a teaching assistant for Human Physiology and A&P I/II. As an undergraduate, he was also able to complete an internship experience in rural medicine that allowed him to receive credit toward his degree. After graduation, he began work as a full-time medical scribe before transitioning into a medical informatics and clinical epidemiology research position at OHSU. 

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Bell Tower in Spring

Past Alumni Spotlights

Interested in reading more about our alumni and their respective paths in a variety of health fields?

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Pre-Health Newsletter (Spring 2020)

The Pre-Health Newsletter is distributed biweekly by our pre-health advisors and contains lots of opportunities for our students to get involved on and off-campus.