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Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Randy Reid

Randy Reid
“If college is drinking from a water fountain, then medical school is drinking from a fire hydrant,” says former University of Portland student Randy Reid. Dr. Reid is now a resident at the University of Southern California (USC) medical school and recent graduate of the Keck Medical School of USC.  Dr. Reid states that while the pace, and stress of medical school was challenging for Reid, he also describes this as a time of excitement as he was continuously getting closer to his ultimate goal.

One of the reasons Reid chose USC is due to the fact that many of their doctors specialize. He also found the private and county hospitals on campus intriguing as it allowed him to have diverse patient contact. “I am passionate about teaching and was involved in teaching workshops and being a teacher's aid at UP,” says Reid. “I find the doctor patient relationship fairly similar to student teacher and am excited about the opportunity to be in a field where I am not only constantly learning, but also passing that information onto someone to hopefully make a difference in the quality of their life.”

In preparation for medical school, Reid suggests taking advantage of the smallness of University of Portland by getting to know your professors to not only perform better academically, but also so that you may ask them later on for quality letters of recommendation. Before applying to medical school, he also advises that pre-med students invest in themselves early, as even if one ultimately decides not to go to medical school, a strong academic background will help regardless of where one ends up.

Finally, Reid says “You will be asked multiple times, 'why medicine?' and a bad answer is enough to cause you to reapply. Make sure that it is a field that you can truly be enthusiastic about and confirm it through shadowing and volunteering. The commitment it takes to get to the finish line is much too large to be anything less than absolutely sure about and schools will want to see that you have demonstrated this understanding.”