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The University of Portland is consistently recognized as a university that provides an outstanding education, and in the Department of Physics, you will find students and professors who are excited about physics. We believe that the student-teacher relationship is a vital component of the academic experience.

Physics students at the University of Portland receive substantial individual attention from our faculty. Classes are small and students have the opportunity to participate in projects and faculty research. Currently, five faculty members teach in the Physics program. Each has a different specialty or interest, so you will experience a diversity of teachers in the program and a range of undergraduate research opportunities. Areas of faculty expertise include condensed matter, fluid dynamics, optics, ion beams, nonlinear dynamics, and quantum mechanics.

Additionally, there is a lot of opportunity for physics and friendship outside of the classroom and lab. The Physics Club regularly sponsors events for students ranging from colloquia to science demos to picnics and movies!

The Department of Physics has programs leading to the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Arts degrees. We offer students an excellent preparation for graduate work or for immediate entrance into scientific careers. Students interested in pursuing graduate studies in physics have recently been accepted at several institutions, including Purdue University, Texas A & M, Colorado State University, and the University of Central Florida. Other students have decided to pursue careers in high school teaching and have stayed at the University of Portland. Students pursuing immediate employment have accepted positions with a variety of organizations including the United States Air Force, The Boeing Company, and Intel.

The breadth of programs available at the University of Portland will enhance your education as a physics student. Many of our students complete a minor in mathematics or computer science while pursuing their physics major. In addition, our School of Engineering provides you the opportunity for advanced study in electronics, material science, biomedical engineering, and computers.

We invite you to explore our web pages, and to contact us if we can answer any further questions for you.

Shannon Mayer
Chair, Department of Physics