Catholic Studies Minor

The Catholic Studies Minor is a university wide, interdisciplinary minor sponsored by the McNerney-Hanson Endowed Chair in Ethics and the Department of Philosophy, Dr. Michael F. Andrews, Director of Catholic Studies.

It is designed to encourage students to reach into the broad tradition from which Catholicism as an intellectual tradition developed, in order to deepen their understanding of Catholicism's rich and living heritage, examine the contributions the tradition has made to culture and the contributions it has received from culture, and become more aware of its development and influence in the contemporary culture. The minor is open to all students.

Students are required to take 18 credit hours for the minor including PHL 150 (Introductory Philosophy), THE 457 (Foundation of Catholic Theology), and four approved courses chosen from among three academic disciplines including theology, environmental studies, history, philosophy, social justice, business administration, economics, and English. 

Catholic Studies Minor Requirements


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